Friday, June 11, 2010

The Use of Properties of Matter in everyday life

1. Transporting logs
  • Logs are transported from the forest through rivers to the sawmill
  • Logs float because less denser than water
2. Hot air balloon
  • It rises in the air when the hot air in the balloon is less dense than the surrounding air
  • It falls when the cooled air in the balloon is denser than the surrounding air
3. A submarine
  • It can be made denser or less dense than the surrounding water by pumping water in and out of it
  • Hence, it can float or sink in water
4. A raft
  • A raft is made of bamboo or logs
  • A rat floats because bamboo or logs are less dense than water


  1. This is really good information, because it just helped me out with a really big assignment in science Thank you.

    1. That was terrible! I'm never coming back.